Frequently Asked Questions


What's Nightly?

Nightly is a unique online service where you can book the very best value hotel stays. We're the world's first and only site to offer combinations of two hotels for a single trip to unlock the best value stays. You can save money, enjoy higher quality hotels and experience more by considering a single switch at time of booking.

What's different about Nightly?

At Nightly we do hotel bookings differently, because we believe that you should always be able to stay at hotels you'll love that meet your budget. We do this by uniquely offering hotel switching, giving you the option to combine two hotels, to unlock better value than staying at just one hotel for your entire trip.

How can Nightly help me save money?

Hotel switching is a fantastic way for you to grab the biggest and best hotel savings for your trip. Using a high-speed, proprietary algorithm, our service compares all combinations of stays across two hotels, finding the most cost effective way to split a hotel stay, without compromising on quality or convenience.

Where can I stay with Nightly?

We're pleased to offer you 59,516 of the best hotels in over 180 countries. This provides you with global coverage and all the hotel choice needed.

Which countries is Nightly available in?

You can access Nightly right across the globe.

How come I haven't heard of Nightly?

We're the new kids on the block and we're thrilled that you're here reading this. Nightly or are the brand and trading names of Travel Innovations Limited, a UK-based business with company number 10012311 and registered office address at 35-37 Ludgate Hill, Office 7, London EC4M 7JN, United Kingdom.

How can I contact Nightly?

If you have any questions or comments, you can email us at [email protected] or call us during office hours on 0330 223 0565.

Nightly Exclusive Deals

What are Nightly Exclusive Deals?

Nightly Exclusive Deals are our unique combinations of two hotels for a single destination which offer you better value for money than staying at just one hotel for your entire trip. Booking a Nightly Exclusive Deal usually offers you some combination of:

  • Money saving: switch to a similar hotel for less money
  • Hotel upgrade: higher quality hotels for the same or less money
  • Greater experience: enjoy staying at new hotels and different neighbourhoods

Why are Nightly Exclusive Deals possible?

When you think about booking a hotel room, you (generally) think about all the nights at once. That's not how hotels view things. They usually think about each night on its own. If a night is nearly sold out they might increase the price on their last rooms to make more money. Or on quiet nights they might lower the price to try and encourage more people to stay with them.

How does Nightly create these Nightly Exclusive Deals?

We've developed a high-speed algorithm which searches all the prices, of all the rooms, in all the hotels at your destination. It then picks, mixes and matches these into the ideal combinations of two hotels for your trip. The resulting Nightly 'magic' offers you the lowest price stays at the highest quality hotels.

How will I benefit from Nightly Exclusive Deals?

Nightly Exclusive Deals help by ensuring you:

  • Don't stay at a hotel when the price spikes making the hotel overpriced or poor value
  • Move to another hotel where the price has dropped making the hotel great value
  • Consider all hotels which have one or more nights available but not all nights available
  • Maximise the experience by enjoying different hotels and seeing more areas at your destination

Are these deals available elsewhere?

You could try and find these sorts of deals yourself manually (that's where the idea first came from) but we think you'll agree it's better to have it available at the click of a button, and let our complex computer software do the hard work and in just a few seconds!

Can I customise a Nightly Exclusive Deal and choose how many nights I stay at each of the two hotels?

We don't offer this ability just yet, but we would like to in the future!

How does it work during my stay?

On the day of your switch you need to check out of the first hotel as normal and check in at the second one. Nightly doesn't yet offer any kind of transportation between your two hotels, so you'll need to arrange this yourself.

What if there's a gap in time between the check-out time of the first hotel and the check-in at the second?

If you ask nicely your first hotel might let you have late check-out and/or your room at the second hotel might be ready for early check-in, but this is never guaranteed. Failing that, one of the hotels will usually be more than happy to look after your bags if you want to go out for a brief bit of exploring and complete the switch later.

I'd rather not switch hotels - can I book 'regular' stays in one hotel with Nightly?

That's ok, we get that switching hotels isn't right for every trip and yes, you can book 'regular' stays in one hotel with us. We display Nightly Exclusive Deals alongside regular single-hotel stays. You can exclude the options which require you to switch hotels from your search results by using the filter marked 'Hotel Switching' and selecting 'No Nightly Exclusives'.


How does the Best Price Promise work?

We want to make sure you get the very best price possible. To make sure of this, we offer a Best Price Promise. The Best Price Promise is simple. We're so confident that we show the lowest prices available online, if you find a cheaper price for identical accommodation, on the same day, we'll speak to our suppliers and try our utmost to match the price you found. Please contact us by email at [email protected] and we'll let you know what we need from you to process the price match.

I have special requests for the hotel(s); when and how do I provide these?

You'll be able to make special requests in the 'Make Special Request' section of the checkout page on our website. Please note special requests can't be guaranteed and may not be confirmed until you arrive at the hotel(s). We advise contacting the hotel(s) prior to your arrival to guarantee your request. You'll find the hotel's contact information in your booking confirmation email.

What currencies can I book in?

We're proud to offer you hotel bookings in British pound, Euro and US dollar. We hope this will meet most needs.

What methods of payment can I use?

We accept payment from almost any kind of credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Your card will be charged the full amount for the booking immediately, in order for us to confirm your booking.

Can I make a booking without a credit or debit card?

No, all bookings require a valid credit or debit card for them to be confirmed. You can also make a booking using someone else's payment card, provided you have their permission.

Does Nightly charge any fees for card payment?

No! We think it's only fair that the price you see is the price you pay.

What's my booking reference number and what do I need it for?

Your booking reference number is unique to your booking confirmation. You can use this to show that your booking has been confirmed and you'll need this to identify your booking with our customer care team.

What if the hotel(s) I'm staying at doesn't recognise the booking reference number from Nightly?

The booking reference number is unique to Nightly and is to be used by you and Nightly for communications with one another. When contacting your hotel(s) or when you arrive at your hotel(s) to check in, you'll only need to give your surname. If you experience any further issues, please use the HOTELBEDS reference number provided on the booking confirmation email.

I need to change or cancel my booking, how do I do this?

For now, you'll need to get in touch with us by email at [email protected] or by phone on 0330 223 0565. We'll always do our best to help. If you think you might need to make changes to your travel plans, we strongly recommend going for the hotel stays marked 'Free Cancellation'.