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20 May 2019

Daily Express

Pound to euro exchange rate: Plummeting pound feels Brexit pressure after ‘miserable week’

The Pound to Euro exchange rate experienced a “miserable week” last week after falling more than three per cent in the past fortnight. Hotel switching is identified as a way to make your Pounds go further whilst on holiday on the Continent this summer.

18 May 2019

Daily Express

Holidays: Beat Brexit holiday worries and save money with this little known travel hack

Experts have revealed a little-known hack to find cheap deals and get upgrades - it is called hotel switching.

26 Apr 2019

Increase ‘bleisure’ travel savings with rewards, points, miles

Hotel switching in the context of credit cards and loyalty programs.

21 Apr 2019

Come risparmiare in viaggio cambiando hotel a metà vacanza

Il sito di prenotazioni Nightly propone le offerte più convenienti per il pernottamento combinando due hotel

18 Apr 2019

The Sun

HOL EASY - Switching hotels halfway through a holiday could save you thousands of pounds – and now there’s an app to help you do it

By switching to a different hotel, you can take advantage of the best rates available.

10 Apr 2019

TTG Media

Hotel Swapping with

Start-up allows users to split hotel stays during a single trip to save on costs. Andrew Doherty asks co-founder David Ferreira why the trade should have it on their radar.

13 Mar 2019

Business Leader

World's First Hotel Switching Website Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The world’s first website dedicated to hotel switching has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £250,000. The company’s previous investors, Worth Capital, will be leading the round with follow-on investment of £70,000.

12 Mar 2019

Business Matters

World’s First Hotel Switching Website Launches Crowdfunding Campaign takes the best value nights from one hotel and combines them with the best value nights of a second hotel to help travellers save up to 70% on their city stays, a practice calls hotel switching. The company is inviting customers and outside investors to become shareholders through the crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

12 Mar 2019

Travelling for Business

World’s First Hotel Switching Website Launches Crowdfunding Campaign takes the best value nights from one hotel and combines them with the best value nights of a second hotel to help travellers save up to 70% on their city stays, a practice calls hotel switching.

11 Mar 2019

South China Morning Post

Best Bleisure Destinations in Asia

Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong top the list of cities best for bleisure travel.

12 Feb 2019

Why bleisure is a powerful recruitment tool | Relocate magazine

Bleisure travel and hotel switching

27 Jan 2019

Kuidas sel aastal odavamalt majutust broneerida? Idufirmad tulevad appi! in Estonia!

5 Nov 2018 Highly Commended by the Good Website Guide 2018 was Highly Commended by the Good Website Guide 2018 as part of the Good Web Guide Awards 2018

22 May 2018
5 Dec 2017

New hotel booking sites take advantage of industry loopholes

What would convince a traveler to leave their hotel mid-trip and hike across town to another property? hopes a saving of up to 70% will prove a strong enough incentive.

10 Nov 2017

My First Time at World Travel Market (WTM) London

I heard from ... Santiago Navarro from hotel switching website I didn’t even know hotel switching was a thing before going along but now I know it’s a way of saving money and also seeing different areas of a city on the same trip if you d

7 Nov 2017

World Travel Market 2017: Meeting the Movers

At a party in central London, a man stood in front of a computer–he had an accent and was very confident about what he was showing me. I must say this idea is pretty cool. It’s called Nightly

1 Nov 2017

How to Save Money on Your Hotel for the Holidays

Travelers with a willingness to be flexible — and mobile — can save by switching hotels mid-stay if another property gets cheaper. Nightly is one site that offers users the option to book multiple hotels for a single trip.

18 Aug 2017

Startup pitch: Nightly helps users switch hotels to bring better value to stays

Step forward Nightly which enables travellers to switch hotels in the middle of a stay which enables them to stay where they wanted for some of a trip but can also mean better value.

7 Jun 2017

Want Cheaper Hotel Stays? Then Try Hotel Switching

Hotel room rates differ on different nights. If you move hotels you can take up the lowest rates and reduce the cost of your overall stay. Keri talks with Santiago Navarro who has created website Nightly, that makes one-click booking easy.

1 Jun 2017

This website will split your holiday across two hotels to make it cheaper

Which is where Nightly comes in: a website dedicated to helping you find cheaper accommodation at your chosen destination, without skimping on quality.

10 May 2017

Bits: new Nightly hotel site

Nightly is, genuinely, a hotel booking website with a difference. And you can’t say that very often these days. Nightly ... is based on the premise that you can save money by switching to a nearby hotel of similar quality during your stay.

9 May 2017

Are Two Better Than One? Website Offers Hotels At Up to Half Off If You Switch Mid-Trip

Many travelers switch hotels mid-trip ... and now a new travel booking startup from London will do all the heavy lifting for you. opens the door to unique opportunities ... by showing where you can save up to 50% by switching hotels

24 Mar 2017 says hotel switching can work with change in culture

A fledgling start up is hoping to boost hotels’ revenues as well saving customers holiday cash through convincing travellers that splitting their stay across two hotels is the way forward.

21 Mar 2017

Nightly, a Travel Startup to book 2 hotels in combination

Nightly wants to offer you a different kind of booking! When we are travelling on holiday, we usually book only one hotel for our entire stay. Nightly suggests to arrange 2 hotels.

21 Mar 2017

Would You Split Your Hotel Stays to Save 50%?

Because Nightly aims to help travelers make the most of their hotel stay in an intelligent manner, it is a nice tool to have when making booking decisions. Next time you are looking for the most cost-effective way to stay, pop over to the Nightly website

17 Mar 2017

How To Make Big Savings On Hotel Stays

Hotel switching is the money saving solution from the new start up website Nightly. Based on a high speed proprietary algorithm the service compares hotel combinations on stays across two hotels, finding the most effective solution

10 Mar 2017

Nightly: la Startup del trading alberghiero

L’idea è senza dubbio originale e attualmente unica sul mercato. E’ sicuramente interessante e da provarne l’utilizzo soprattutto per soggiorni in Hotel di fascia alta.

28 Feb 2017

Nightly combines hotel bookings to save money

The search engine works like any other hotel search tool except that it looks for combinations of two different hotels to help you save money.

24 Feb 2017

Would you switch your hotel mid-stay to save money? New website promises luxury stays at half the price

If you're prepared to be flexible you could make big savings on hotel stays abroad

24 Feb 2017 The future of travel booking? is a dedicated online search tool that instantly checks the price of every possible variation of hotel bookings for a chosen destination ... it then returns results which offer savings or upgrades by staying at a combination of two hotels.

23 Feb 2017

Nightly Combines Your Hotel Bookings to Save Money on Lodging

If you’re willing to be flexible, there are some creative solutions to cut the cost of lodging. For example, you may be able to save money by booking multiple hotels, and Nightly makes it easy to search accordingly.

15 Feb 2017

Two hotels – better than one?

British start-up, an online platform where travellers can book hotels, has launched a new service which enables travellers to save on hotel stays by ‘switching’.

5 Feb 2017

Find The Best Accommodation

This is the blessing in disguise when it comes to technological innovation. Every hotel sets prices differently each night based on demand and anticipation and if you don’t mind changing hotels, a quick change of hotel can save you tonnes of money.

3 Jan 2017

These Are The Startups You Should Watch In 2017

Nightly is impressing a lot of people in the hotel scene thanks to the unique approach to spare rooms and Millennial travel trends.

11 Jul 2016

Leonardo Worldwide Introduces Program for Travel Technology Start-ups

Travelgator’s consumer website and Nightly’s new hotel booking website (currently in private beta) are two of the initial start-ups in this program.

7 Jul 2015

#DestinationHack creates almost 40 transformational travel apps

HotelSplitter enables consumers to book multiple hotels on a trip – allowing them to find the best value-for-money deals. The app ... gives users the option to book hotels that are fully occupied for a part of their stay by splitting the trip

1 Jul 2015

39 transformational travel apps created at Sabre’s London Hackathon

HotelSplitter enables consumers to book multiple hotels on a trip – allowing travelers to get the best value for money in hotel booking.